Community Days To Do List for 2018

Submitted by Roy Wagner on July 12, 2017 - 9:53 pm
  • Rework the image thumbnails to match the site styling (Martinis).
  • Experiment with Scavenger Hunt webform that emails to Gretchen ( The standard form layout and styling are less than desired.
  • Look into a module that does IP tracking. Bruce wanted to know how many different IP's hit the treasure hunt page on the Friday and Saturday after the 10th clues were released. We have that date on the server, but not handy on the site admin.
  • Add paypal for race day registration. Need card reader from Gretchen.
  • Add pics to art in the park page.
  • Add new pics to carnival page.
  • Add svg infographic to booth page.
  • See admin note re e44