Using the Community Info Board

Using the Community Info Board


The Community Info Board is managed by CTCC.  Nonprofit organizations, civic groups, faith-based, and nonprofit educational organizations may submit requests to use the board to promote fundraising, community activities, and upcoming events only, in accordance with the guidelines listed below.

Usage fees for three categories of eligible sign users:

  • CTCC members - annual usage fee of $50 (before Feb. 16); $100 (after Feb. 16) allows a total of eight (8) weeks per year.
  • Faith based and nonprofit educational organizations located in Cranberry Township -annual usage fee of $50 (before Feb. 16) $100 (after Feb. 16) allows a total of four (4) weeks per year.
  • Non-member nonprofit, civic organizations, and faith-based and nonprofit educational organizations outside of Cranberry Township – usage fee of $100 for a total of two (2) weeks per year.

Requests are made online and must be submitted at least five (5) business days in advance of posting date.  All messages are subject to CTCC approval.  Payment must be received prior to message posting date.  (Scroll down for payment instructions).   Please note:  Unused message requests do not carry over into the following year.

Please review the Rules & Regulations below before you begin.

Community Information Board online request form


Community Info Board Guidelines

The Cranberry Township Community Chest (CTCC) manages the criteria and approves the message content for the Community Information Board.  The purpose of the Community Information Board is to provide information to the public by allowing nonprofit organizations, civic groups, churches and nonprofit educational organizations to promote community activities and upcoming events.  CTCC is solely responsible for determining which organizations are eligible to participate in the Community Information Board.

Sign Usage Rules

  1. User must be a nonprofit organization recognized by the IRS.
  2. An application form must be completed and payment received five business days before the message is to appear; message will not be considered if application is incomplete or payment not received.
  3. Applications will be reviewed/approved on a first come-first served basis.
  4. Each group may only promote their own event and may not use their credit to promote other groups’ events.
  5. Messages are for fundraising or community related events only. No messages are permitted for recruiting or gathering members, announcing services or any message not related to the event.
  6. Political, commercial, retail, private and non-community events will not be permitted to use the sign. No commercial establishments may be mentioned.
  7. CTCC has exclusive rights to reject or deny any message for any reason.
  8. Partners of the Community Information Board (Cranberry Township, Seneca Valley School District, Rotary, Lions, Pittsburgh North Chamber and CTCC), have unlimited use of the sign.
  9. Message may be in text only; logos, images, and other graphics are not permitted per the Cranberry Township Sign Ordinance.
  10. CTCC will select font, color and style of message; CTCC reserves the right to adjust messages to fit the screen.
  11. A request for a posting change due to unforeseen circumstances must be submitted in writing (email) to CTCC.
  12. Each message has a four-week limit.
  13. Messages will not be stored or saved by CTCC or the Township.
  14. CTCC is not responsible for inaccurate information provided by the applicant; Re-posting or corrections requested after the message has been posted may be subject to removal of the message and/or additional fees.
  15. The message frequency will be determined by CTCC and the number of messages posted at that time.
  16. Neither Cranberry Township nor CTCC can be held liable for Community Information Board malfunctions, power outages or acts of nature.
  17. Cranberry Township reserves the right to post emergency messages which may override existing messages in content and exposure.


  1. Payment is acceptable by check or money order made payable to CTCC and mailed to CTCC Information Board, 2525 Rochester Road, Suite 450, Cranberry Township, PA 16066 or cash payment, checks or money orders taken to the Customer Service desk at above address.
  2. Pay online by using the Ecwid button below. CTCC non-profits, civic groups, Cranberry Township churches or nonprofit educational organizations select the $50 payment below on or before February 15 of a given year. All others select the $100 option.


What makes the ideal message on the Community Information Board? (soon to be posted)

Questions and answers:

  1. I am doing a Senior Project (backyard carnival, 5K, bake sale, etc) that benefits an established nonprofit group can I advertize on the Community Information Board?  If it is an established CTCC non-profit or civic group, then you need to contact that non-profit to see if they want to use one of their four yearly allotted messages to promote this event.  If it is a non-profit that is not part of CTCC, then that non-profit must submit an application and payment to advertize that event.
  2. We are a business that is raising money for a good cause, can we advertize on the Community Information Board? If it is an established CTCC non-profit or civic group, then you need to contact that non-profit to see if they want to use one of their four yearly allotted messages to promote this event.  If it is a non-profit that is not part of CTCC, then that non-profit must submit an application and payment to advertize that event.  Under no circumstances do we allow the business’s name to appear on the board.
  3. We are raising money for our US troops,  for someones’ operation, for an environmental cause, etc?   We encourage you to  talk directly with a CTCC non-profit to see if they are willing to combine this event with their advertisement.   For example events that benefit the troops may be something that the VFW will support and so on for other meaningful and important events like these.  
  4. Why can’t I just pay the $100 to advertise on the Community Information Board even if I am not an established non-profit or civic group?   Because that was not the intent of the partners when they got together to raise money to make the community sign a reality.   Thousands of man-hours and over one hundred thousand dollars were invested with a specific intent in mind.   These rules and regulation reflects this intent.   We understand that we may not satisfy everyone.
  5. I belong to the Band booster, Quarterback Club, Hockey club, etc. Why can’t we use the board for our fundraiser or recruitment?    Organizations like band booster, etc are great and are important but are specific to raising money for their child involved in that activity.   We do allow groups like CTAA, SV Soccer Assoc, SVJFA to advertize because they also contribute millions of dollars to our park system and thousands of hours to maintaining and improving our fields and parks.
  6. We are a charity, why are you charging us to use the sign?There are one million cars that pass that intersection per week.    Full advertisement costs for a similar sign would be thousands of dollars, not the small fee we charge.   Thus offering any nonprofit the use of that sign for just a small fee  to reach hundreds of thousands of cars is an opportunity in itself.   We do not think you can find any other organizations that offer something this valuable for such a small fee. We do not make a profit from the sign.   The electricity, maintenance, future replacement costs are all real costs that must be address and this small charge helps to cover those costs.  

  7. I am not happy or I think I have a question or exception  not answered in these rules & regulation, who do I contact?   Send an email to   Please know that Cranberry Township, UPMC or any sponsors do not have jurisdiction regarding the rules and regulations.   CTCC has exclusive rights to the sign and to accept or reject any messages for any reason.  None the less, we will consider any serious request or exceptions.

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