About the Miracle League Project

Project Rendering

CTCC has teamed up with the Miracle League of Southwestern Pennsylvania to rebuild the surface of the League’s special needs ballfield in Graham Park. The second part is to create a new baseball-themed playground right next to the Miracle League diamond.

Over the past six years, hundreds of children and adults, including many with serious disabilities, have played organized baseball on it's specially engineered field. Every aspect of the field’s design, as well as the rules of the game themselves, have been adapted to provide a great baseball experience for all, including individuals with special needs.

Miracle League Field on Game Day

Due to its texture, however, the ballfield’s resilient surface, originally built in 2009, is susceptible to deterioration from exposure to weather. Renewing and replacing that surface would be done in time for the Fall 2016 schedule.

The second part of the project involves the construction of a new, inclusive “Out of the Park” playground immediately adjacent to the baseball field. The playground’s design features two baseball-themed play areas, outfitted with an assortment of playground furnishings to be determined by public input, including suggestions solicited from pupils in local schools. The two areas will be linked by a walkway lined with interpretive signs. The playground would be ready for use by the summer of 2016.

Project Detail Graphic

The joint CTCC-Miracle League fundraising effort officially kicked off during Community Days, July 9 through 11. That event & other support generated $125,000 toward the project’s $600,000 goal. The groundbreaking is scheduled for Sept 12, 2015.

The balance of CTCC’s community-wide campaign will get underway this fall, patterned after the highly successful 2013 campaign to raise money for Community Park’s Kids Castle. A parallel fundraising effort which includes foundations outside of Cranberry, will be undertaken by Miracle League. Can you help our efforts?

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