Three Ways to Help - Ambassadors Start Here


During previous fundraising campaigns for CTCC Projects of the Year, we developed a network of Neighborhood Ambassadors. In 2013, more than 60 Ambassadors helped to raise funds and awareness in connection with Kids Castle Playground, making the project a huge success. We are looking to use that pattern again this year, and we need your help.

The process is simple, taking just a few hours, but it can have a big impact on the project. What we’ve learned is that people are three times more likely to support a project when they receive a letter or personal update from a neighbor like you than by information coming from us. Some people are simply unaware of Projects of the Year, but once they hear about it from you, they become interested in learning more. It can be as simple as writing a letter, copying it, and dropping it off in your neighbors’ newspaper box or storm door. We can provide sample letters and pictures, if you’d like. Other people did mini-fundraisers in their neighborhoods, including one bocce tournament in the Ambassador’s own backyard. Their efforts helped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars. We hope you will consider becoming an Ambassador for this project, too.

Helping us make contact with your business for a grant request donation

Some companies have their own foundations yo support community projects, especially when an employee is involved with that project. If your company is looking for a project that adds community value, creates volunteering opportunities and provides an opportunity to reach special needs children, the Miracle League project offers this and more. If you think you can help us introduce this project to your company, please contact us.


The 2016 Miracle League field restoration and playground development is a $600,000 project. Individual donors are at the heart of this campaign. Contributors will leave our community with a permanent remembrance of their support – one which will be publicly recognized in our dedication booklet as well as our next CTCC Annual Report. Your support is essential and deeply appreciated.