Pickleball (CTPA)

Cranberry Township Pickleball Association (CTPA)  


The primary goal of CTPA is to assure that the 8 outdoor pickleball courts are built.  Once built, CTPA will help manage the pickleball courts to provide maximum benefit to all pickleball players at all levels.   CTPA  will have exclusive hours dedicated to members in good standings, providing pickleball play to match other members of the same level. (There will be public hours available for the pickleball courts for non-members and CTPA members to have open play.)     A member of CTPA will have these benefits;

  • CTPA membership card allowing you to play during CTPA exclusive hours
  • Rating your skill level of pickleball and if you would like, suggested areas of improvement to get to the next level.
  • Various levels of pick up play on different courts.   For example if you are rated a 3.5, you can play on any courts hosting  3.5 players (or a lower level, if you want).   If you are rated 3.0, you can play on any court hosting 3.0 players.  Pick up play will be done in a way that allows you to challenge your skills with others of your same level.   It also assures that players of lower levels are playing on their proper court and not yours.
  • Ladder play.  This will rank your position within your level.   Those people on the top of that level will have an opportunity to move to the next level if they want.
  • Clinics:  Various instructors will provide instruction on improving your game. (Some free for CTPA members and some will be at reduced CTPA fees)
  • Play it Forward:  Hey everyone starts as a beginner.  We all want to play people who are better than us.   These sessions will be your chance as players at higher levels volunteer to play with lower level players to improve further.
  • Social Play:   We understand not all members care about ratings.   They just want to play.   There will be times dedicated for those interested in the social aspect of pickleball.
  • Partner Play:   You and your partner will be a team during the whole session playing other teams.
  • Singles:  The chance to play others in singles including single ranking.
  • Tournament Play:   These will be weekly non-sanctioned events that will allow men & women doubles & singles  and mixed doubles typically in a double elimination set up. (discounted fee for CTPA members)
  • Indoor Play:   The ability to play at different levels indoor during 2017 fall 2018 winter-spring (discounted fee for CTPA members)   Looking at the option of putting in 4 pickleball courts in the Municipal Center gym.

Coming soon our CTPA web site.  

Questions: contact brucemazzoni@zoominternet.net

SPECIAL ADDED DEAL for those supporting the Pickleball Courts.

The CTPA is in the midst of forming to help raise money to obtain the full 8 courts as proposed in the design. In exchange for CTPA effort, our organization will get exclusive dedicated hours of use of the new outdoor pickleball courts. The goal of CTPA is to expand pickleball to all ages and to encourage the development, exercising and socializing that pickleball brings. Those who are a member of CTPA will have full asset of the courts including during exclusive hours for member play only, clinics, ladder ranking systems, partner play in tournament and non-tournament play. And much more. CTPA will help rank members to their abilities, help set clinics to improve ranking levels and set up courts to allow for members to play other members who are equal or close to their own abilities. Also will have specific times, for partner play and  general socializing  play. CTPA will assume full responsibility of the courts including paying off any debt, maintenance and future improvements. There will be an annual fee once the courts are built. But you have the chance to be a "Founding Member" of CTPA. Your support will not only help assure that we build all 8 courts but give you a once in a lifetime opportunity to be known as a founding member of CTPA. We all know that pickleball is growing, and we expect the number of people playing pickleball will increase 3 to 5 times in the next 5 years. Obviously we encourage you to donate to whatever level you can afford to help assure all 8 courts are built, but we have additional incentives (if you direct your donation to pickleball) in addition to what is being provided for the normal project.

$50 & up: Besides what is provided as a supporter of the project, your donation directed to pickleball will also give recognition for our future pickleball web site.

$150 level : 2" x 4" brass plaque plus one CTPA "Founding Member" t-shirt plus one CTPA membership card identified as a founding member.  Membership fee paid for 2017.

$250 level: 4" x 8" engraved paver that will be located at the Pickleball complex plus two CTPA "Founding Member" t-shirt plus two CTPA membership card identified as a founding member, and membership fees paid for 2017 & 2018.

$500 level: 8" x 8" engrave paver that will be located at the Pickleball complex plus four  CTPA "Founding Member" t-shirt plus two CTPA membership card identified as a founding member, and memberships paid 2017, 2018 & 2019

$1000 level & higher:   Please contact brucemazzoni@zoominternet.net for more details.

Valid to May 1, 2017

You like pickleball?   Well this is our chance not only to assure all 8 courts are built but to start an organization that will assure pickleball continues to be a fun game for everyone.  Help us raise awareness by being an Ambassador for the pickleball complex.   As of Oct 1, 2016, we need another $160,000 to build all 8 courts which is  a big challenge.  Even if 250 pickleball players each donated $250  each that would net just $62,000!    We still would be $100,000 short and have raised enough for just 4 courts.   Therefore we need everyone's help not only to donate but to help us find other supporters for this project.   In the next few months this is our ONLY OPPORTUNITY to build pickleball courts at $25,000 each.   To build courts after this project is over will be almost twice the cost. Please if you love pickleball, help us raise awareness  and support by being an Ambassador for the pickleball complex.