Cranberry Legacy Endowment


How are my Endowment Funds Invested?

CashFew community foundations can offer the investment resources that Cranberry Legacy Endowment offers.  That is because of our partnership with Pittsburgh Foundation. Currently The Pittsburgh Foundation manages more than $600 million in endowments including those of the new Pittsburgh Promise scholarship fund.  That provides the Foundation with access to the top firms for additional investment advice, including Cambridge Associates, whose customers include: Bill & Melinda Gates, Hersey Trusts, William Hewitt, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Andrew Mellon, W.K. Kellogg Trust, Harvard, MIT, Notre Dame and Princeton – access not normally available to smaller endowments.

All endowment funds are permanent and the principal is never touched. The endowment is dedicated to fulfilling your wishes under the watchful eyes of the Cranberry Legacy Endowment’s Board of Directors.

To understand the more about the investment of your endowment, please contact us at: