The Most Popular Game in Town! (Over 1,500 people played last year)

Submitted by CTCC on May 18, 2019 - 11:12 am

 This is a FUN  & FREE FAMILY game that you can play by yourself, with your kids or grand kids. Get your kid away from the I-phone and video game by getting them involved in a true Treasure Hunt.  The winner will receive thousands of dollars in prizes!

It is a fun contest held 5 weeks before Community Days with clues given out twice a week in The Cranberry Eagle to search for three separate keys. Our Treasure Hunt Clue Sponsors will display one of the 10 clues to solve the challenge to find a key. You receive the clue only after we announce the clue's location in The Cranberry Eagle.  Therefore, you collect the driving clues to get to the general spot where a key is hidden. The tenth clue will give you the final HINT to a potential key that can unlock the treasures.

Treasure Hunt Lo

Sponsored by Cranberry Eagle


This will be the best Treasure Hunt with more than one key to find. Keep a watch on this page as we announce how you may be able to find one of the multiple keys. Everyone who finds one of the keys will get a prize listed below. Then on July 13th, only one of the multiple keys will open the Community Chest of Treasures.

  • Key 1: Sponsored by Allegent Credit Union: $100 cash  or Grand Prize
  • Key 2: Sponsored by Best Western Plus-Cranberry: $100 cash or Grand Prize
  • Key 3: Sponsored by Farmers National Bank: $100 cash or Grand Prize 

Everyone who finds a key but does not win the grand prize also gets a $25 gift card to Domenico’s Ristorante (Cranberry), $25 card to Freedom Diner  and other gifts.  

Grand Prize: Only one key will open the Treasure Chest lock on July 13th at 7:50 PM at the Rotary Amphitheater

  • Picture of the winner and their family in The Cranberry Eagle
  • Personal Private Tour for up to six people of the UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex INCLUDING the Penguins team space (Donated by  the Pittsburgh Penguins and the UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex)
  • Four (4) Tickets to an agreed Penguin Game (Donated by he Pittsburgh Penguins and the UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex)     
  • Signed Penguin Jersey
  • Family Skate night  for six at UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex (Donated by the Pittsburgh Penguins)
  • $800 CASH (Donated by Allegent Federal Credit Union)
  • A foursome to Cranberry Highlands Golf Course plus free carts, good in 2018 only, Mon. thru Thurs.
  • Two massages (Donated by Body Bar)
  • Two 2 Gold Level Tanning 10 Packs  (Donated by Body Bar)
  • A painting from last year's Art Expo    
  • 1/10 oz of gold coin (Donated by Treasure Hunt)
  • Three - One ounce Silver Coins (Donated by Treasure Hunt)
  • $50 gift cards (Donated by Monte Cello's Cranberry)
  • $50 to Freedom Diner
  • $50 Mad Max
  • $50 to Costco
  • More prizes to come!

How does the contest work?

Starting early in June,  The Cranberry Eagle will be printing clues in the paper for three keys. Keep watch on The Cranberry Eagle!

The three keys will require you to go to highlighted establishments to get driving directions to where the key is hidden. The driving directions will be displayed in a front window so you will be able to get those clues 24/7 and will not require you to enter. It will be impossible to know where the keys are without all nine driving clues. All mileage given in the clue is based from that spot, so you will always need to reset your odometer at each point.

The last clue to all three keys will appear on the CTCC website on Friday July 5, 2019 AT VARIOUS TIMES. The exact time of the release of the 10th clue for each key will be a mystery, so check back often. 

We allow only ONE KEY PER FAMILY... Good luck!

Cranberry Eagle Web Site


CTCC Treasure Hunt Official Rules

1. NO DIGGING!  No climbing.  All keys will be on public lands or on sponsor's property – never buried

2. No purchase from participating merchants is necessary

3. Participants under 18 must be accompanied by an adult to claim prizes.

4. To claim a prize, present an Official Key at the Rotary Amphitheater in Community Park on Saturday, July 13th by 7:50 PM.  Official Keys are coded and cannot be duplicated.  

5.  The winner’s cancellation or no-show will void this prize.

6. The organizations conducting this contest will make the final determination of winners.  One individual will be declared the Grand Prize winner, although groups are welcome to participate in the Treasure Hunts.

7. No prize substitution.  All prizes must be redeemed before January 1, 2020.

8. CTCC shall not be responsible for prizes not delivered, but will work to help winners claim their prizes. 

9. Violation of these rules or attempts to win by fraud or deception shall be grounds for disqualification.

10. The Treasure Hunt is open to everyone except employees of Cranberry Eagle, CTCC Board members, and their immediate families.

11. In the event that any keys are not located or submitted by the deadline, the key holder(s) present on July 13th will draw from a bowl of keys until the Grand Prize winner is determined.  If the drawing is cancelled due to rain, it will be rescheduled.  No family from the same address can have more than one  key. Key 1 will pick first, Key 2 second.  All keys are the property of CTCC and must be returned. Additional rules may apply.

Our Key Sponsors
Key 1:  Allegent Credit Union
Key 2:  Best Western Plus-Cranberry
Key 3:  Farmers National Bank

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Image of Past WinnersPast Winners: "Wow, yes please share my email with the Treasure Hunt sponsors!! What a perfect family activity! I think we've been trying for the keys for 3 years now....and it was so wonderful to find out that "YES", there really were keys hidden and it was possible to find them!!!! It was like winning a million dollars the day we found the keys. I wish there was a camera to playback the amplitude of our happy dance.

As soon as that Cranberry Eagle newspaper hit our driveway, we went to the back and cut out the section for the Treasure Hunt. We've learned so much about Cranberry! The multitude of statues, monuments and historical sites! Our favorites this year were the Boy Scout monument at Graham Park, the 9/11 dedication at the fire station and the sculpture at Freedom Square. We also really enjoyed driving around after the driving clues. We saw parts of Cranberry, we didn't know were part of Cranberry. This is the first year we've been dedicated to getting that last clue as soon as possible. It was funny all the other treasure hunters we saw out there!!!! I really can't believe we found 2 keys!!! I know it was part luck, part serendipity and part hard work. The "Eight sides Key" we found pretty easily and swiftly. The 340 key, we knew where it was, but it took us a little while and we figured someone else got to it first. The Top Gun Star Logo Key; I knew it had something to do with the Car Cruise. We must have looked at that poster a billion times without reading all of it carefully! Finally on the Tuesday before Community Days, my 9 year old son read the poster aloud and voila!... The third Key was found. I even had my Mom and Dad, who were visiting from Canada, in on the "thrill of the chase." They were most elated to hear that we had won and that all our running, driving, and hunting resulted in TREASURE!

All in all, we want to thank everyone involved for making our summer the best yet! This will definitely be a summer the kids will remember forever. Please thank all of the sponsors for their generosity. We have already enjoyed an excursion to the Streets of Cranberry, eating at Houlihans and Firehouse Subs, and spending some "mad money" at The Children's Place and Learning Express. We can't believe we actually own a gold coin now!!! How exciting! Thank you Bruce and The CTCC. I would really love to talk to the creator of the treasure hunt. I think we would get along like "peas and carrots". This has definitely been our summer of adventure! We hope you have an equally wonderful summer and you can count on us "Wards" hunting for Cranberry keys for years to come!!!


Andrea, Alex, Dawson, Ayla, and Wyatt Ward