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Submitted by CTCC on April 13, 2017 - 1:33 pm

This page was created to assist those reviewing a charge on their credit card statement, which they do not recall authorizing. CTCC currently uses as our method to receive payments online for things like Project of the Year donations and Community Days, etc.

PayPal allows the vendor (CTCC) to create a line of text that will appear on the purchaser's credit card statement. There are two entries for this purpose, one of eleven characters and one of nineteen characters. CTCC has no control over which banks use which entry. We originally used CTCC under the assumption that everyone who visited the CTCC website would recognize CTCC on their bank statement. This was not the case. Unfortunately, PayPal provides the resulting statement entry (example from an actual statement): "03/18   03/17   PAYPAL *CTCC 4029357733 CA 55429506077894079608359". People were confused by the combination of PAYPAL, CA and a west coast phone number. Next we went with COMM CHEST for the short entry and CT COMMUNITY CHEST for the long entry. After another dispute that way, we learned that this didn't work either. Presently we are using CTCCHEST.OR for the short entry and CTCCHEST.ORG/README for the long entry. When you begin to type the short version into a browser, your browser cache attempts to complete it and at least get you to this website. If you are fortunate enough to get the long version, you will come to this page directly.

When you report the charge as unauthorized, CTCC is charged back for the entire amount, less some of the fees (the part based on percentage) and then $20 for having the charge back. Even if we contact you, the mistake is found, you contact your bank, we contact PayPal; no matter what, PayPal is not paying CTCC for this charge. Our only option is to issue a full refund and advise you to mail in a paper check. Each charge back involves about an hour of wasted time to investigate and "resolve" the issue. If your purchase was a booth at Community Days, you will not get the space until your check is received, and the space may be given to another vendor.

If you have any questions, email Roy Wagner at

Thank You - CTCC