Community Chase Multi Runner Registration

If you are having trouble registering more than one runner, this guide will assist you to register all runners in one PayPal transaction. Note that you do not need to have a PayPal account to use the CTCC store. See figures 1-5 below.

1.  Select a registration product


2. Complete the form and click the Add to Bag button.


3. Click the Continue Shopping button to add another runner. Note: The coupon code will not take effect until you have 6 adult registrations in the bag.


4. Select the registration product again. The check mark indicates there is already one or more of these in the bag.


5. After the additional form is completed, click the Add More button to add it to the bag, as there will be no Add to Bag button. 
Once 6 adult runners have been registered, the coupon code may be applied.

Why does it operate like that?

The Ecwid store is designed to sell products. It was not really intended to be used to register one or more people for an event, although it did adapt to that purpose rather nicely, excepting for some tricky or perhaps confusing behavior outlined above. Typically when you buy a product, you have the option to specify how many of them you want. This is done with a spin button and quantity field. In the case of a race registration, we need to hide the quantity selector because it would not permit the user to enter the different information for another runner. We were able to embed some CSS into the store configuration that physically hides the quantity selector in the race registration, since it always needs to be set to 1, which is the default.

When CTCC launched this system, there was only the single race registration method. When discounted group registrations with coupon codes for families of 4 or more and companies of 7 or more were enabled, they were created by using Ecwid's built in product duplicator and then appropriately tweaked. Unfortuantely the CSS we created a couple years prior was out of sight and out of mind and we did not realize that CSS was tied to a specific product ID, thus the group registrations were still showing a quantity selector. While experiencing multi runner registration difficulty, one user (in 2018) used the family form and bumped the quantity to 2, only to realize it didn't help. This sale was abandoned in that state and appeared on our abandoned sales report, which is how the glitch was discovered. Those selectors are now hidden.

What about a built in webform on the CTCC site?

This was the method we originally used to register runners. When the form was submitted, the user was redirected to a page where a PayPal Add to Cart button was presented to enter that runner's fee into the PayPal hosted shopping cart. As the PayPal button opened a new window, that same page also had the link back to the form to register additional runners. The problem with this was that there was no way to insure each runner was paid for and this required CTCC to closely monitor and follow up with underpaid registrations. A couple of these fell through the cracks as we determined in post event audits. With the Ecwid store, it is now impossible to register a runner without paying.