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Scavenger Hunt

One of the Most Popular games along with the Treasure Hunt!


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2018 Scavenger Hunt Questions

  1. What is the newest addition to our collection of eye-wear for men and women? Hint: you’ll find it on Instagram @GoodLooksEyewear
  2. What promotional item Is Mars Bank giving away with their Hot Summer Deal Sale? (Be sure to get one…..)
  3. Name two Pediatrics-Urgent -Care treatment that Falcon ER can provide for your child? (See all our services on our web site)
  4. On Rhoads Orthodontics website, in the Office Tour tab, what color is the countertop that the coffee and iPad bar are on?
  5. What magazine and year was Good Shepherd Animal Hospital voted the best animal hospital in Pittsburgh? (hint: see our website)
  6. At Climo’s Pizza & Chicken what is the price of a Pepperoni and Sausage Calzone? (hint: see menu or website)
  7. Besides Cranberry, how many locations does Body Beautiful have?
  8. What is the current rate at S & T Bank for a 12 month CD?
  9. On Cranberry Messenger Service web site, how many locations do they have?
  10. What is the cost of a Spinach ‘N Tomato Benedict at Freedom Diner in Cranberry Township? (Hint: Look at web site or menu)
  11. What color tie is Donald Graham wearing on the web site of Dillon, McCandless, King, Coulter & Graham?
  12. On Monte Cello’s web site name a “coupon” special that they are offering?
  13. What is one of the electronic messages on display at Dairy Queen on Route 19?
  14. What color is the “For Sale” sign on RJ Community Management web site under the “Resale Certificates” tab?
  15. What is the name and price of Moses Jewelry “ Top 10 Engagement Rings” listed on their web site?
  16. What is the motto of Path Master Inc?


Scavenger Hunts are fun, especially when large prizes are attached to them. We HAVE $THOUSANDS$ of dollars in prizes already this year r those who participate in the Scavenger Hunts we will be awarding dozens of prizes already.....with more added daily. Join in the fun and have a chance to win. This is free family fun that will start July 4th and will be published in our 3-day planner sent out to over 22,000 homes.   Don't have it?   Go to the Cranberry Twp get one or download one.


DEADLINE TO SUBMIT IS JULY 28, 2018 AT 11:59:59 pm EST

FREE TO PLAY and no need to enter a store for answers!

Last year we gave away over 100 prizes.

It is simple to play but there are some important rules! There can only be one entry per person per hunt. If there are two forms with the same name and same address, both will be removed. Full first name and last name must be on the form along with a valid address. If a family or group is involved, every member of the family or group can enter one form for each hunt..   Look to your the Cranberry Eagle and the 3-Day CTCC Community Day Planner to get a list of questions under the Scavenger Hunt section. Didn't get the Planner. Get it in the Cranberry Township Building or customer service.


You can drop off the forms at Customer Service in the Municipal Building by the Monday after Community Days. If the office is closed, just put it in the water bill slot at the door.    Winners will be drawn at random from all the forms that have all the correct answers.  Prizes can be picked up in customer service at the municipal building. ID will be required to pick up prizes and children without ID must have a parent. Last year we gave away over $2000 in prizes!


Family FUN

Businesses interested in getting foot traffic, people looking at your web site, know what the price is of your famous food item or what color that designer dress comes in….a scavenger hunt can help make people know your business better. We get well over thousand players involved in both hunts.   You can join in on the fun and become involved for as little as $125. Click Business Scavenger Hunt for more details. Questions must be submtited 30 days before the start of Community Days to be included in the planner.  If business elect to be a part of the Scavenger Hunt and do not submit a question in time, then CTCC will select a question for them.  Your Scavenger Hunt question will be in the three day planner sent to over 50,000 homes.

Example of  Scavenger Hunt Questions from our 2016 Planner

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