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Chainsaw EXPO & Village

Chainsaw Carvers VillageWe will have one chainsaw carver at our 2019 Community Days making a chainsaw carving that we will put in the community.   BUT THERE IS NO CHAINSAW EXPO & VILLAGE FOR 2019 due to scheduling issues . HOWEVER, THIS EVENT MAY RETURN IN 2020.!  

CTCC CHAINSAW EXPO & VILLAGE ( anticipated for 2020)

This is event you want to see in person.

We are hosting the largest chainsaw carving event of renowned chainsaw artists in Western PA.  Twelve (12) International Chainsaw Artists will be creating sculptures for 3 days plus bringing favorite carvings they previously made prior to the event. These guys are the best of the best and they are coming to Cranberry Community Days for you to see them in action. These guys command commissions of sculptures in the five figures but everything sold at Community Days will be starting in the low three-figure range. The show is being organized via CTCC and Ken Tynan, the chainsaw artist that did Roberto Clemente & the Indian Village in Graham  Park. All chainsaws running during Community Days will be electric or cordless saws to keep noise to a minimum.

All sculptures will be available for sale at the Chainsaw Expo & Village during Community Days from July 12-14. Sculptures will be sold in three ways:

  • On-site,  at the Chainsaw Village. There will be dozens of carvings available including the ones that are made during the event. Everything is for sale.....
  • Live auction on Friday night at 6:30 PM and the bigger auction is set for Saturday 5 PM. The Auction will be held on the Tennis Courts
  • On-line auction.   This auction will start on July 16. There will be a link here to bring you to the auction page.

We will accept cash, checks (with driver license) and credit cards.   There will be a convenience fee added to all credit card purchases of 2.5%.

Based on the crowds & traffic during CTCC Community Days some pieces because of size may not be able to be loaded immediately and will be stored for pick-up at another time. Please consult prior to purchase if this is a problem for you.