Cranberry Rocks

Cranberry Rocks

Cranberry Rocks Summary

Cranberry Rocks competition comes to a spectacular ending


A new youth competition associated with Cranberry Township Community Days is off to a rocky start.  But by its July 14 conclusion, the winner will have ignited a dazzling display of pyrotechnics. 


Here’s how it works.  Children 12 or younger are invited to paint small rocks with a community theme of their choice.  Starting May 21 and continuing through noon, July 6, they can bring their painted rocks, enclosed in clear storage bags, to the Cranberry Library Children’s Room during normal business hours, along with a note that provides the child’s name and parent contact information.  In return, they receive a raffle ticket for weekly prizes for each painted rock brought in.  Five winners will be drawn every week.


Starting Friday, June 8, there will be the first of six weekly drawings with the winning numbers listed below.   The drawings will be held every Friday at noon in the Children’s Room at the Library, and winners will be notified.


There will be a special rock painting event at the Library on Friday, June 22 from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM as part of its “Crafty Fridays” Summer Reading Program.  Rocks painted at this event will be submitted into the competition.


At the conclusion of the Cranberry Rocks competition, the Cranberry Library staff will choose five rocks that best represent the community theme.  The rocks will be on display at the Library and the community will be invited to vote for their favorite rock artwork.  Online and on-site voting will take place from July 6 through July 9. The creator of the winning rock will be invited, along with their family, to detonate the Community Days concluding fireworks, after receiving a private tour of the fireworks staging area.


Residents of neighboring communities are welcome to participate. Armstrong is a proud sponsor of this new community art initiative.


Summary:    To provide fun for young children to get them involved with Community by painting rocks with theme of “Community” which can include, their street, their neighborhood, their school, one of their nonprofits,  their church, their favorite place, etc.  Small rocks are to be fully painted and with a message on all exposed area and no larger than 6 in length or width.  You can start bringing in rocks immediately up to the last drawing.

Bring the painted rocks in.   We want all rocks brought into Cranberry Library during their open hours and put all painted rocks in a sealed clear storage bag with the name & contact phone  number/email.   In exchange for every rock, the young artist will receive a numbered ticket.  The Cranberry Library is the recipient of the 2019 Project of the Year and more details will follow

Qualify for a Prizes:   Starting on Friday June 8th at noon, five raffle tickets will be drawn and their numbers posted on Cranberry Twp (CTCC)  “Cranberry Rocks web site as the winner of one of the 5 weekly prizes given away.    Did not win the first week?   That is OK because all tickets will remain in the barrel and has a chance to be drawn in the following 5 weeks.   The next drawings will be noon, June 15, June 22, June 29, July 6 and July 13th.      Painted rocks can be exchanged for tickets from May  21 up to noon on July 9th.    It is up to the participants to identify themselves as a winner from the web site.    Any prizes not claimed by July 16th will be donated as prizes for the Scavenger Hunt game.  Some prizes will expire by July 13.

Prizes:   There will be 5 weekly prizes given each week for six weeks and one grand prize. The five weekly prizes are as following;

  1. Two  All-you-can-ride carnival tickets to Community Days that will be good for either July 12 or July 13.
  2. Two Cranberry Twp swimming pool passes for one day use.
  3. Two free skating passes to the UPMC Lemieux  Sports Complex.
  4. Two free haircuts at Great Clips
  5. Two free small Blizzards at Rt 19 Dairy Queen.


One Grand Prize:   Our judges will select the best 20 rocks that they deemed best represent in appearance or message out of all the rocks. (This is why we need you name/contact information inside the seal bag when you bring them into Customer Service.     They will then randomly draw the winner from one of the 20 finalist.    That person and their family will be in charge of setting off the fireworks on July 14th at 9:45 thanks to Armstrong our Fireworks Sponsor.     They will also get a private tour of the fireworks staging area prior to pressing the button that starts one of the largest fireworks show in the area.