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Thanks for considering CTCC Community Days;

  • All booths and activities are on one level. Much more traffic going across everyone’s booth.
  • Almost all booths can be used for one day, two days or all three days.
  • Our advertising budget will reach twice the market than we had in the past.
  • It is still free for families to attend and we have a carnival, many concerts, Art in the Park, 3D Art and much more that attracts tens of thousands of people every year. And one of the greatest fireworks displays.
  • We expanded electrical power availability. Over 40% of booth spaces have power.
  • Please read all the Rules & Regulations in the link below.  The price below is just for the booth space and does not include tent, tables, chairs.
  • We do not limit certain amounts of specific vendors. If you want to check who is in the booth near you go to the map below and extract the information. 
Neighborhood W/O Electricty (BLUE) With Electricity (RED)
  10' x 10' 10' x 20' 10' x 10' 10' x 20'
Bellvue Park $345 $520 $395 $570
Cranberry Heights $245 $430 N/A N/A
Cranberry Park Rd $345 $520 $395 $570
Ehrman Farms $175 $285 N/A N/A
Fernway $245 $430 $295 $480
Fox Run N/A N/A $225 $335
Glen Eden $245 $430 $295 $480
Marshall Heights $175 $285 $225 $335
Pinehurst $175 $285 N/A N/A
Sherwood Oaks $175 $285 N/A N/A
Woodlands $175 $285 $225 $335

How to select a booth space:

  1. Review the Booth Rules on page 3 and 4 of the  Booth Application.  All rules apply unless you have something in writing on CTCC letterhead that gives you a variance.  
  2. Click on the map below and hold to pan around on the map. Use the zoom control to zoom in to read the booth numbers. A booth with a cross-hatch pattern is reserved. Booths with text in RED font have electricity. Those in Blue do not. Electric rate applies on all red booths whether used or not.
  3. Click on a booth space for details and limitations on the booth. For example, food, trailers or tents secured by stakes cannot be used in the Glen Eden neighborhood (Basketball Courts).
  4. Either print and mail a booth application with your check, or use our online booth registration below the map on this page. PayPal fees are included in the online registration and payment.
  5. Before contacting us to see if your booth has been reserved, return to this page and check your selections or the general area to see if one of them was reserved for you. It may take a day or two for the map to be updated. The map is generally updated M-F between 7 am and 4 pm. Information packets will be sent to all vendors approximately 5 to 7 days prior to the event, including one parking pass.  All VENDOR PACKETS AND PARKING PASSES may be picked up at the Park when you arrive to set up.
  6. Do you want to advertise in our 28-page planner going to over 50,000 homes? Space always sells out and we want to give our vendors first chance. Rates are on the printable application and also in the Community Days store below.

If the map is not displayed below, please try viewing in another browser.

If your local security settings or anti-virus software are preventing the map from displaying, try viewing it directly from the township website here:


DOWNLOAD OR PRINT AN 11x17 PDF version of Park Map - Revised May 8, 2019






Woodlands 1009 & 1011 were sold on 7/9/2019. Parks & Rec personnel are working diligently in the park to get things ready for Community Days and the GIS map and CTCC store may not be up to date in terms of booth availability.

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NOTE: If the embedded shopping bag is not working or you are unable to check out, try visiting the CTCC store directly at This will start a new shopping bag. 

Why should you be involved in CTCC COMMUNITY DAYS?  Look at the Demographics:
Distance (radius) 3 Miles 5 Miles 7 Miles 15 Miles
Population 31,404 65,543 101,404 225,230
Households 11,954 24,300 38,010 74,340
Income $110,617 $119,584 $116,254 $102,240
Own/Rent 88/12 89/11 85/15 80/20
You can have a booth starting at $175 You can be a sponsor starting at $100. How much is one more customer worth? Plus you help over 50 nonprofits!