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Business Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger Hunts For Businesses

For $125 plus a small gift, you can help CTCC Community Days and your Business

Guidelines for the ideal question:

  1. The ideal goal is to alert people who you are as a business or of a specific service or product; but remember most people who are playing….are playing for the prizes. Nonetheless you can capitalize on the Scavenger Hunt to achieve this goal. This is our third year doing the Scavenger Hunt and we feel this will be a successful product to offer businesses for a donation to CTCC Community Days, while at the same time to help promote your business. Remember, just by buying a Scavenger Hunt question, you will get your name on our web site, your question will be answered or searched by hundreds, we will put your name on our full page “Thank you ad” in late July in the Cranberry Eagle. We will put your name as a donor in the next CTCC Annual Report that is mailed to every address in Cranberry. Plus, 100% of your money will go to help CTCC promote the nonprofit & civic organizations in the Cranberry area and encourage businesses & residents to volunteer and get involved. CTCC & CTCC Community Days operates 100% with volunteers. So already you are getting a great bargain for the money.
  2. The perfect question is easy to find for the player, if you are open or not. If you want them to visit your facility, an ideal question might ask something that can be found without going in. At XYZ Store, what hours are they open? CBG Salon has a poster of a women in their window, what color hair does she have? On the front window of BBT Food Store, what is the cost of tomatoes? The minimum goal is to let the player do a little research and find out where XYZ Store, CBG Salon and BBT Food Store are located. You will be surprised how many people do not have a clue where you are located. Web site questions are good also.
  3. We don't want to fool you. Most players are in it for the prizes. But still it is an opportunity to get these people to know who you are and where you are located. Cranberry alone has over 700 businesses. This is a chance to get a few hundred people to make a trip to your store and maybe snag a few customers.
  4. Resist the urge to force the scavenger hunt player to come in to get a coupon or search a product price, color of the wall, etc. We know from prior years that people do not want to be forced into a store or asked a specific question about something inside the store. They will then ignore the Scavenger Hunt all together, which is not want we want to occur. If you want potential customers to come in, we suggest putting an additional notice on the question.

    For example; CBG Salon has a poster of a women in their window, what color hair does she have? (Coupon Alert: For new customers only, come in and tell us the answer to our question and receive a $5 off coupon for a haircut) This allows you to separate the people only interested in the prizes versus those who could be potential customers.

  5. Keep expectations low. This is a "fun" event for people, but will not be the sole answer for your marketing effort. It is a fun way to help the community while hopefully helping you. While we hope to have a few hundred people playing the game, it all comes to down to keeping the questions simple and fun, and providing a lot of prizes.
  6. Consider donating a gift related to your business as one of the prizes for the winners of the Scavenger Hunt. The gifts are the motivating factor for getting the people out there.
  7. We limited entries in order to prevent one person from stuffing the box. We want many people to win prizes. Last year we awarded over 50 prizes valued over $2000. This year will depend on the number of donations and hunts we get.


Any questions, please email