Sponsorship Opportunities

(2019 Info)

 CTCC COMMUNITY DAYS Sponsorship Opportunities


SOLD  MAIN Sponsor: $25,000 (only one available)  SOLD

Exclusive naming rights to the event; Name/logo on front of all marketing and publicity materials, name logo on


SOLD Fireworks Sponsor: $15,000 (one available): Recognized as the sponsor of our famous Fireworks display in all marketing & publicity materials. Full Page Ad in CTCC Annual Report & $2500 donated to the CTCC Legacy Endowment Logo placement on marketing and publicity materials. Much more


Gold Sponsor: $12,500

Recognition as a Gold Sponsor in all marketing & publicity materials. Gold Sponsor named on Community Days Planner, Signage on site, co-sponsor of a concert & more.


Carnival Sponsor: $10,000 (one available)

This is a three day carnival.  This was the most requested sponsorship last year and there will be only one sponsor.   Carnival Sponsor will be highlighted in our Community Days Planner, on site sign & much more.


The Cranberry Chase 5K Sponsorship:  $7500

A big event where we expect over 500 runners .  Call for details of everything included

  • Co-sponsorship of 5K: $1500…. (includes Saturday morning booth just for the 5K).


Silver Sponsor $7500

  • Recognition as a Silver Sponsor in all marketing & publicity materials, 1/2 page ad in CTCC Annual Report

Silver Sponsor named on Community Days Planner..  Signage on site and much more.


Martinis for Monet: $5000 (one available)   ON HOLD

This will be our partnership with the Associated Artists of Butler County to present an art exhibition of local artists.  This event held July 8th will be in the Municipal Building and will be the kickoff party of our expanded Community Days Arts Festival area in the park. 

  • Co-sponsorship: $1000 (includes name & logo in the program)



SOLD  Community Treasure Hunt with CTCC: $5000    SOLD (Only one is available)


  • This will be a recognized community event with tons of publicity for three treasure hunt  This should not only get tremendous local attention but regional and state attention.  


 Art Exhibition sponsor: $5000  (Displayed in Municipal building and booth at Community Days)   ON HOLD


  • Co-Sponsorship: $1500  (name in the program)


Thursday CAR CRUISE: $ 3500  

  • Co-Sponsorship: $1000 (includes booth for the car cruise on Thursday night)


Thursday/Friday event sponsorship: $3500 (Only two are available)

  • This is a highlighted day of your specific support which would include the non-profit fund raising event where you can hand out your literature. Highlighted in the Community Planner as sponsor.


Chainsaw Carver Demo:  $5000  Our international chainsaw artists will be creating a special sculpture during the 3 day event and your company name displayed at his booth and on our map.


ART in the Park:  $3500 – This includes overall sponsorships of the yarn bombing trees and other artist activities related to the 3 days in the park.



Bronze Sponsor: $5000

  • Recognition as a Bronze Sponsor in all marketing & publicity materials and much more


Lions Pancake Breakfast Sponsorship:   $2500 You will be the main sponsor of the Cranberry Lions pancake breakfast event on Saturday from 8AM to 1 PM.   Your name will be mentioned on the Lions’ ad in our planner and a sign will be displayed listing you as their main sponsor.  Includes 10 Lions pancake breakfast tickets.



Concert Sponsorship: $2000

  • We have many great concerts.  (only two concert co-sponsorship left)


Santa Summer visit: $2500  You will sponsor a visit from Santa from the North Pole to check up on all the kids to make sure they are being good.    A popular event for the last 3 years and we hope to do it again.


Carnival Ride Sponsor: $1250 (large rides)

Includes your 11 x 17 sign (included) on a large ride for all 3 days. 


Carnival Ride Sponsor: $750 (small rides)

Includes your 11 x 17 sign (included) on a children’s ride for all 3 days. 


Shuttle Golf Cart Sponsor:  $500 per cart   Your name/logo on a 8, 6, 4 7 2 people golf carts that we shuttle people to and from the parking lots to the festival Grounds, vendor services and maintenance carts.  


30” x 38” vinyl banner: $250for 1,  $450 for 2    This one-sided banners that will be placed on the parking separation ropes along Park & Ernie Masuda Drive leading into the park.  Your designed Message/logo can be up to 4 colors. The exact size will be determine by your design.  Require you to have a prepared design and available in a high quality digital format.   Will not have grommets.  We can provide a TWO larger 3’ x 5’ banner with grommets for $600.


Treasure Hunt CLUE sponsor: $350  (key sponsor is $750, only three of these)   These typically sell out by late May, so do not delay.  (See web site for more details)

Your chance to sponsor one of the 3 different keys and/or one of 10 clues for the popular Treasure Hunt that people will need to find the hidden keys.   The Clue will be displayed in your store window and everyone will have to travel there to get the clue. What a great way to get people to see where you are located.   This includes your advertisement in the Cranberry Eagle to announce to the public that the Clue can be found at your store.  Sorry, Cranberry & Seven Fields businesses only. 


Tree Bombing: $350:  It is a sweater knitted to fit a tree.  Be a sponsor to one of the groups who helped hand- knit yarn to fit trees in the park.  This is sponsorship for one tree.   A  sign with your logo or company name will be beside the tree.


Recycle Container  $250 :   We will place several 18” x 18” x 36” Recycle containers centrally located throughout the park.  We will put your logo on two sides of one recycle container.  Logo will be printed on a 11 x 17 label and adhered to the container.   Two containers for $250.  Four containers for $450.


Scavenger Hunt Question:  $200  See web site for more details

  • A great way to get customers to know more about you with a question..  A popular contest with families.


18 x 24 logo sign Sponsorship: $150: all signs will be brought to the park and displayed all THREE DAYS at Community Days.   Located along the road going in & out of festival grounds.    Buy Two signs for $250.





Advertising in our 3 Day Planner:    (based on  your camera ready art & meeting our specifications)

3w“ x 2h” space:  $235_____    3w” x 4h“ space:  $335____   6w” x 4h”space:  $540 _____ 6” x 6” : $735____                 Full Page (approx. 9w x10h)  $1750     The  28 -page CTCC Community Days Program Guide will be sent to over 50,000 homes and handed out at the park during Community Days.     Ad space is very limited and sells out quickly



5K Shirt name sponsorship: $150 (not available after June 15th)


Logo in the 3 Day Planner:  $100     You 1” x 1” color logo will be listed in the 3 day planner going to 50,000 plus home showing your support for Community Days.  Will need your logo in digital format.



DO YOU WANT A SPECIALIZE SPONSORSHIP PACKAGE?    Contact us for some details. 


Sponsorship Package 1: $1750 (Valued at $2250) Includes large carnival ride, Treasure Hunt clue, Scavenger hunt question, tree bombing sponsor, 18” x 24” logo sign sponsor and 5K shirt  plus 1” x1” logo in planner.


Sponsorship Package 2:  $1000  (Valued at $1250) Includes small carnival ride, Scavenger hunt question,  18” x 24” logo sign sponsor inside the festival grounds and name on 5K shirt


Sponsorship Package 3: $750 (Valued at $1000)  3” x 4” ad, tree bombing sponsorship, one 18” x 24” logo signs in the festival grounds and name on 5K shirt & 1” x 1” logo


Sponsorship Package 4:  $600  (Valued at $800) Includes Treasure Hunt Clue, Scavenger hunt question, one tree bombing sign.


Sponsorship Package 5:  $500  (Valued at $600) Includes Treasure Hunt Clue, , one tree bombing sign.





How we recognize Sponsors


  1. All supporters are recognized in our 28-page CTCC Community Days Planner that will go to over 50,000 residents in three counties, including all of Butler County, north Alleghany & parts of Beaver County.
  2. Based on the sponsorship above, it highlights further recognition associated with that level.
  3. We will recognize all of our sponsors in the next year CTCC Annual Report.



email: brucemazzoni@zoominternet.net 

       or call 724-776-4806   ext. 1103



Email: brucemazzoni@zoominternet.net

Or Call 724-776-4806 ext 1103

Your involvement helps your community!

CTCC and CTCC Community Days are made up of 100% volunteers with NO paid staff.

Neighborhood W/O Electricty (BLUE) With Electricity (RED)
  10' x 10' 10' x 20' 10' x 10' 10' x 20'
Bellvue Park $345 $520 $395 $570
Cranberry Heights $245 $430 N/A N/A
Cranberry Park Rd $345 $520 $395 $570
Ehrman Farms $175 $285 N/A N/A
Fernway $245 $430 $295 $480
Fox Run N/A N/A $225 $335
Glen Eden $245 $430 $295 $480
Marshall Heights $175 $285 $225 $335
Pinehurst $175 $285 N/A N/A
Sherwood Oaks $175 $285 N/A N/A
Woodlands $175 $285 $225 $335

Almost all booths can be used for 1 day, 2 days or all 3 days at the same price. There are some restrictions on what type of set up or services on a few of the booths. See Booth Info page for all details on booth spaces.