Mission Statement



CTCC Mission:

  1. Encourage residents and businesses to support, volunteer and ideally join one of our 40+ non-profit groups in Cranberry & Butler County.
  2. To increase volunteers & membership by connecting residents to non-profit/civic groups.
  3. Create sustainability for Cranberry for long term community health (Cranberry Plan).
  4. Help to promote the non-profit/civic groups with their mission and programs. (Community Days & others)
  5. Help raise money for the non-profit/civic groups and encourage them to provide community programs & projects. Seed services and programs that benefit our residents and community. CTCC supports the annual Community Project of the Year.



  1. CTCC Community Days is our main promotion and is themed, "A Celebration of our Non-Profits & Civic Organizations. Community Days is always held on the second Saturday of July and the prior Thursday & Friday.
  2. We issue the CTCC Annual Report, which lists all of our nonprofit groups, volunteers who support these groups at 50 hours per year or more, our Legacy Endowment Funds, and our financial supporters.
  3. Community Sign on Rt 19 & Rt 228, which was our first Community Project of the Year.
  4. Central website, newspaper calendar, Township website, press releases and others.


Engaging Residents & Businesses:

  1. We believe that the drivers for a successful community include engaged businesses and residents.
  2. Encourage "Community Service" and create levels of recognition for those who give 50/100/250/etc hours of service to our non-profit and civic groups.
  3. Encourage residents and businesses to create their own legacy by creating their own fund in the Cranberry Legacy Endowment.


Frank Petrone
Frank Petrone


It was full circle for one member of the Cranberry Township Community Chest. In 1975, the Cranberry Township Rotary decided its main project for the year would be to start a Community Chest. Frank Petrone, then president of the Cranberry Township Rotary and formerly one of the reformed CTCC's 11 board members, recalled how the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, J.C., Women's Club, Fire Company and Ambulance Corps had to solicit funds any way they could.

Community Chest's first slogan was "Watch the tree Grow" and a tree-shaped campaign sign was planted off Route 19 at Crider's Corner, where Burger King now stands. Like CTCC's original tree, Frank's dedication continued to grow. His guidance in giving back to the community symbolized what makes Cranberry both a great community and a special place to call home.



The current by-laws were approved October 21, 2015.

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