Forge Ahead: Library Makeover

Submitted by CTCC on July 08, 2018 - 6:04 pm

CTCC is pleased to announce its 2019 Project of the Year: Forge Ahead: Library Makeover. The main information source for this project is the Library Project Page. Online donations are available via the CTCC donor page on the recognition tab on the project menu. The store will also be embedded in the Library Project Page.

Visit the Library Project page here.

Library Project Splash

Forge ahead references both the advancement of our library into new technology and the fact that the building it is in was at one time a forge. This year’s Project of the Year will be our biggest ever with a price tag of $750,000 to complete everything. The scope of the project can be summarized in four parts.

  • Makerspaces have become all the rage in America’s schools over the past decade. Think of them as small workshops, outfitted with tools ranging from very high tech to no tech at all. What they share in common are workbenches designed for collaboration and equipped for making things in a hands-on learning environment. It’s an idea which has spread beyond the classroom to include private subscription makerspaces, foundation-supported shops, commercial prototyping studios, and now public libraries.
  • Technology Upgrades will be made but the largest one in this category is RFID; Radio Frequency Identification Device that eliminates the old barcode check out but instead uses an electronic signal to identify the book and cardholder for a much simpler more reliable checkout without waiting in lines.
  • ADA Accessibility & Programming will help eliminate the difficulties of getting into and out of the library by the installation of automatic sliding doors. Specialized programming with the new makerspace will be adapted for an all-inclusive environment serving the needs of the community of all abilities.
  • Energy/environmental improvements from the installation of new energy efficient LED lighting, light enhanced painting, environmental friendly carpeting and improved ergonomics layout including upgrading staff area will be the final part of the project. While this is our biggest project we also expect it to be very appealing to everyone. There is no asset used more in our community by young & old than our library and we are excited to see how well the residents & businesses will respond to this project.

Download the Project Flyer