Community Info Board Request Form (Fees Apply-Please Review ‘Using Info Board’ Before Submitting)

Info Board Fee Reminder

Please review the USING INFO BOARD page before submitting this form. This applies to CTCC members and non-members. All groups must pay the indicated fees BEFORE submitting the form below. Payment may be made from the USING INFO BOARD page as well.

Cindy will send you an email to advise that your message has been scheduled. If you do not receive this email within 4 business days, PLEASE CONTACT US to ensure that we received the notification email when your message was submitted. More details on this matter. Keep in mind that we request 2 weeks notice for a message due to vacations etc., so it is possible to not have a message scheduled right away and everything is working fine.

Enter the name of your non-profit or civic group.
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Message Limitations

In order for the font to be readable, we recommend no more than 18 characters across - that includes spaces, and 5 lines total. This means that all information that you would like to display must be included in what you submit. We request additional information on the form in case the text submitted has to be edited.

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