My Listing

This page will walk you through editing your group listing in the CTCC member directory. When you become a member, CTCC will create an empty page and user ID for you from information you provided in the membership application. You can then access your account and edit the page using the instructions below.

  1. The CTCC site allows members to edit their own pages if they like. If you have problems, let us know and we will take care of it.
  2. The login link for the this website is in the upper right corner:
  3. Click the log in link and use the Reset your password tab to set a new password if you have not already done so or forgotten it later. If you know your user name, you can enter it and if not, enter the email address you previously provided to CTCC. The website will email you a one time log-in link.
  4. Click the log-in link or if it doesn't work in your email client, copy and paste it into your browser. This page will list your user name.
  5. Click the log-in button
  6. Enter your new password twice. The site does not enforce a strong password, however it will tell you the relative strength of the one you choose.
  7. Once you are logged in, click the Activity tab and there will be a link to your page. Click that link to go to your page. You could also navigate to it via the member directory and/or bookmark it for future reference.
  8. On your listing page, click the Edit tab. If a field has no information, it will not appear on your listing. Enter and/or change the information, scroll down and click Save.


Let us know if you have any problems.

Thank you,