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The Mission

HandsThe Cranberry Legacy Endowment was created to provide a home for what would grow to become hundreds of named endowments, with tens of millions in assets. Income from those assets would be distributed annually to enhance and grow our community’s nonprofit and civic groups. Their services, in turn, will make Cranberry, Butler County, and the surrounding area a even better place to live. Legacy Endowments allow the name and spirit of committed community members to endure for future generations. And it plants the seeds for others to step up and support their communities by establishing their own endowments as well.


The Cranberry Legacy Endowment celebrates our shared values by engaging the entire community in both its programs and services. The concept behind it emerged from the Township’s work on a 25-year comprehensive plan. Hundreds of residents were involved throughout the planning process. Together they determined how they would like their community to look in 2030. As part of the process, project teams researched other model communities and found that successful communities are distinguished by healthy and growing nonprofit sectors that provide their communities with assets and services.

The Cranberry Legacy Endowment is a non-profit organization managed by volunteers from local nonprofit and civic groups. They share a belief in the power of permanent endowments to strengthen communities. Since its inception in November of 2009, more than a dozen legacy endowments have been created to benefit specific nonprofit and civic organizations in Cranberry Township. The Legacy Endowment focuses on keeping these groups financially healthy so they can continue their missions for decades to come.