Cranberry Legacy Endowment

Community Assets

Make Cranberry even better!

How can you leave a Legacy that makes your community better?  Create a planned community asset that future generations will enjoy.  By establishing your plans through Cranberry Legacy Endowments, your investment can not only improve our community but could be tax deductable and utilized for estate planning. This is a great opportunity to create something new or establish memorial/naming rights to an existing asset.

Other Community Causes

Miracle League photoYour endowment can support a wide range of human and community services. For example, helping assure meal deliveries to the elderly, supporting a drug prevention program, providing certain types of material to our library, to providing free medical help.

Investment Results of Past Endowments

Time is the friend of all endowments and it is a powerful tool. You may wonder what a $10,000 Legacy Endowment can do if it is only going to contribute 5% a year to its beneficiary. With good investment and time supporting that endowment, the answer is a lot. Here are four examples of actual endowments managed by the Pittsburgh Foundation which appeared CTCC's 2009-2010 Annual Report.

What can your Legacy Endowment Accomplish?


The Cranberry Legacy Endowment has no paid staff.  Our Board of Directors is comprised of community members who volunteer their time and service.  In order to effectively manage a wide range of options for endowments and endowment investment while keeping our costs as low as possible, we use the administrative services of the Pittsburgh Foundation.  Established in 1945, The Pittsburgh Foundation is one of the nation's oldest community foundations and is the 15th largest of more than 700 community foundations across the United States.

There are Many Ways to Give

1. Direct Donations

The minimum gift to establish a Legacy Endowment is $10,000.  The most popular method is direct donation.  Some may think that forming a Legacy Endowment is something for older people, but many community foundations are actually funded by younger adults with the goal of making a meaningful difference in their own communities.  They contribute to their endowments on a regular basis to increase the size and effectiveness of their Legacy Endowment.

Why Give?

All of us wonder: Will my life make a difference?  How will I be remembered?  What can I accomplish to advance my community, my people, my most deeply held convictions?