Message Notifications

Submitted by CTCC on January 16, 2019 - 6:09 pm

There are certain situations where an info board (or any) message is submitted through the CTCC site and CTCC does not receive a notification email. During a message audit for unrelated reasons, we determined that on 3 occasions since 9/11/2016, a system message was submitted by a site visitor and no notification email was received. This means, we have the message, but nobody is aware of it. In one case, a single visitor submitted multiple messages in rapid succession and the last one had a blocked notification email. This resulted in the CTCC site email address being temporarily blacklisted by an internet service provider due to spammer-like behavior. In another case, the blocked email was for a single message that happened to follow a group of multiple messages by another legitimate user. CTCC forms are protected from actual spammers by detecting unhuman-like behavior in one of 2 ways. If you complete and submit a form in less than 30 seconds from page-load, your message will be blocked, however you will receive an immediate response from the system and simply need to wait a minute and resubmit the existing message as directed. The other method involves completion of a hidden field, in which case no second chance is warranted because a human user can't do that. We monitor the message log on a weekly basis to make sure that we have a corresponding email for every message, but you can expedite the process by letting us know sooner.