Butler County Humane Society

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The Butler County Humane Society (BCHS), has been serving the community since 1897.

Mission Statement: The Butler County Humane Society, a non-profit organization, in association with the Helen Spade Albig Adoption Center, provides a temporary, safe, no-kill
shelter for homeless, adoptable dogs and cats ultimately placing them in loving homes or with caring rescues while increasing community awareness of the humane treatment of
animals through education, spay-neuter programs, rabies clinics, and the respect for life.

Purpose: The purpose of the Butler County Humane Society is to provide aid, protection, and care for unwanted, abandoned, abused, and lost dogs and cats; to secure suitable homes for adoptable dogs and cats; to secure suitable homes for adoptable dogs and cats; to restore lost animals to their owners; to encourage the limitation of dog and cat population by spaying and neutering; to operate an adoption service for dogs and cats; to educate the public on the care and responsible treatment of dogs and cats; and to create a quality environment for dogs and cats through the Butler County Humane Society’s presence in the community. BCHS will achieve this purpose through programs and services based on sound, humane principals and respect for animals. BCHS will operate as a no-kill facility.

Help us to continue our mission in helping the neglected and abandoned animals by adopting a shelter dog or cat today.

Michele Slupe