Retire Your Old Glory, Inc.

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Our Nation’s Flag Code (US Code Title 4 Chapter 1-The Flag) describes in complete detail how and when to fly the American flag and when and how to properly dispose of an unserviceable flag.   All American flags, respectfully known as Old Glory, should be retired in a dignified and respectful manner when they are no longer a fitting emblem for display and replaced with a new flag. 

The Flag Code serves to protect our flag and is a guideline for proper flag retirement.

Retire Your Unserviceable Old Glory is a unique project in the community that provides patriotic bins in common, convenient public locations for people to deposit their tattered, faded and torn American flags for proper retirement.

Our Purpose:  To provide the community with the opportunity to deposit their unserviceable American Flags in a patriotically designed bin so that the flags can be properly retired.

Our Vision:  To encourage all Americans to fly a new flag and retire all unserviceable flags that are tattered, faded or torn.

Our Mission:  To increase community awareness about the need to properly retire all unserviceable American Flags.

Our Core Values:  Respect, Pride and Education.

Denise Etter