Rotary Club of Cranberry Twp - Noon

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Rotary club members are business and professional leaders who volunteer in their communities and promote world understanding and peace. Rotary's 31,000 clubs in more than 165 countries and regions encourage high ethical standards and carry out humanitarians projects to address such issues as poverty, health, hunger, education, and the environment. The Cranberry Rotary Noon Club is the original rotary club of Cranberry Township and was founded in 1971. We’re proud of the work we do to help make Cranberry Township one of the most coveted places to live.

In addition to the Cranberry Rotary Amphitheater in Cranberry Park, our club is also responsible for Cranberry Park’s Dog Park, Dutilh Road/Rt. 19 Cranberry Rotary Gardens, Rt. 19 Highway Clean up, Cranberry Place Bingo, and Seneca Valley School District student scholarships and leadership opportunities. We are also founding members of the Seneca Valley Foundation and donated to the electronic sign development on Rt. 19. We hold two fundraisers during the year, including a late summer golf outing and a March bowling event. We’re a fun group who likes to meet at noon (over a wonderfully catered lunch by John Marshall Catering) every Tuesday at the Rose E. Schneider YMCA in Cranberry Township. You can stop by any time to see what we do and enjoy some great fellowship. We’ll look forward to meeting you!

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