CTCC SportCourts in Graham Park

Submitted by CTCC on September 01, 2016 - 2:32 am

2017 Project of The Year

Our 7th and biggest Project of the Year, the CTCC SportCourts is named in honored of CTCC's 40th Anniversary.   Located at the entrance of Graham Park, this project can become the premier spot for many sports associations, tournaments and public play.    The project is designed with 2 tennis courts, 8 pickleball courts, two basketball courts, three bocce courts,  four horseshoe courts and a community gardens/orchard.

The exact amount of courts to be built will be determined by how much money is raised for each sport.  For example if we raise 25% of the money for tennis ($80,000 out of the $320,000 goal)  we will only build one tennis court.  Same for all the other sports. So the public can determine what and how many courts will be included in this project by their financial support. 

The CTCC SportCourts are being built in conjunction with Cranberry Township's Graham Park Phase 2 development which will include  shifting of Graham Park Road to allow for more handicap parking at the Miracle League ball field, additional parking for the SportCourts, new public restrooms at the SportCourts and a lot of the engineering, infrastructure and project management.   

  You can direct your support to the General Fund which benefits all of the sports courts & community garden or only the sport you like.  The following amount needs to be raised for the following sports;

  • Tennis:   two courts for $160,000
  • Pickleball:   Eight dedicated courts for $200,000
  • Basketball:    Two courts for $160,000
  • Bocce:  Three courts for $50,000
  • Horseshoe:  Four courts for $25,000
  • Community Gardens/Orchard for $50,000


Looking for Sports Associations or Clubs to help raise money for their sports! See list below:

  • Tennis: Looking for an association or club!
  • Pickleball:   The Cranberry Twp. Pickleball Association (CTPA)  is forming.
  • Basketball:   Looking for an association or club!
  • Bocce: Looking for an association or club!
  • Horseshoes: Looking for an association or club!
  • Community Gardens: Looking for an association or club!

Contact brucemazzoni@zoominternet.net if you are interested in forming an association or club.